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Location Intelligence Made Simple

The world’s first truly collaborative web-based mapping and analytics platform.

The Ultimate Geospatial Platform

Unlock spatial analysis. Streamline field data collection workflows. Take command of your geospatial data.
Analysis & Mapping

Leverage Spatial Data Science, a new standard for data analysis. 

Data Collection

Streamline your field data collection workflows.

Data Management

Enhance and expand your existing systems.

Want to try it out with your data?

A Word From Our Customers

"AmigoCloud has reduced a process that used to take us two weeks into less than an hour."
Nat Carter
GIS Manager Montana Department of Environmental Quality
“Both the AmigoCloud platform and AmigoCollect mobile app have provided easy to use, but powerful functionality and capabilities to our customers. The combination of using modern technologies within a well thought out framework, delivered in the cloud, adds up to efficient data access, data management and analytics that are a pleasure to work with.”
Colin Hobson
CEO of Open Spatial
"Impressed with AmigoCloud for field data collection. Offline sync, robust API and great mobile apps."
Josh Livni
GIS Software Developer - Google X

Looking for a Custom Mapping Solution?

Whether you need a custom solution or just some help fast-tracking a strategic mapping project, our Professional Services team is ready to design, implement, accelerate or provide valuable insights on your geospatial solutions and projects.

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