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Analysis & Mapping

Leveraging Spatial Data Science, a new standard for data analysis.

Easily incorporate location data science into your analysis

Integrate multiple data sources, transform your data, and prepare it for mapping visualization.

Create insightful maps and dashboards

Perform powerful geospatial analysis and style the results to match your brand. Rework your data with confidence and automatically see changes updated in your maps and dashboards.

Share your insights

Share maps and dashboards publicly, or selectively share them across your organization based on roles and permissions.

Web-based, cloud-first

Analyze massive data sources directly from your web browser. Enjoy automatic backups and regular updates without installing anything.

How it works

Connect multiple data sources, perform geospatial analysis, visualize your results real-time on maps and dashboards, and easily share them with others.

Step 1. Ingesting the Data

Take advantage of multiple upload support. Use AmigoCloud’s built-in specialized tools for Google Drive, or GIS-centric plugins for ArcGIS, QGIS, and more.


Step 2. Processing the Data

Once your data is in the AmigoCloud workspace, processing your information is fast and simple. Work on your data using our built-in SQL tools or Python tools.

Step 3. Analyzing the Data

Visualize your data on interactive maps and dashboards, and perform powerful geospatial operations. Using AmigoCloud’s BI graphs and dashboards, answer real business questions and take your data insights to the next level.


Step 4. Sharing your Insights

In one click, disseminate your results via the web. Looking to export your data? AmigoCloud supports 30+ tabular and GIS file formats.

Want to try it out with your data?

Looking for a Custom Mapping Solution?

Whether you are looking for a custom solution or need some help fast-tracking a strategic mapping project, our Professional Services team is ready to go. Let us design, implement, accelerate or provide valuable insights to your geospatial solutions and projects.