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Cities and citizens collect and generate massive amounts of spatial data. Spatial Data Science empowers their governments to make data-driven decisions and improve quality of life at a national, state, and local level.

Crisis Response

Whether it’s in response to a natural disaster, a national emergency, or a terrorist attack, the most effective crisis response is a coordinated and informed one. AmigoCloud allows governments to use powerful location intelligence solutions, including real-time maps, dashboards, and institutional data sharing tools, to make sense of crisis-related spatial data in real time.

Public Infrastructure Mapping

Actionable long-term planning and sustainability efforts rely on proper mapping of a city, state, or nation’s public infrastructure. From transportation assets to water delivery systems to telecom networks, AmigoCloud helps government administrators and supervisors glean real-time infrastructure insights to deliver the best services to their citizens.

Property Tax Collection

Capturing, maintaining, visualizing and analyzing proper data on residential, commercial, and undeveloped land property is fundamental to the property tax collection process.

Using AmigoCloud’s location intelligence and the latest field mapping technologies, counties can significantly increase their property tax collection efforts.

Transportation - Trip and Urban Planning

Mapping public infrastructure and using real-time information and position of transport assets, such as buses, trains and metro, allow to analyze commuter patterns, find optimal routes, reduce traffic and improve city operational efficiency overall.

The massive data collected and generated every day can then be used for public research and urban planning projects.

Open Data - Open Innovation

The most innovative improvements come from collaboration between Government, businesses and citizens.

By making more datasets available and easily accessible, your city can accelerate joint efforts and reap the benefits of open initiatives for years to come.

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A Word From Our Customers

"AmigoCloud has reduced a process that used to take us two weeks into less than an hour."
Colin Hobson
COO at Open Spatial
"Impressed with AmigoCloud for field data collection. Robust API and great mobile apps."
Mike Klonsinski
President at Berntsen International