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Data Collection

Re-imagine your field data collection workflows

Digitize data collection

Capture location data in the field in a collaborative way using our iOS and Android mobile apps. Yes, even while offline.

Create simple but powerful forms

Deploy intuitive forms that support multiple geometries, photos, videos, documents, signatures, related tables, conditional fields, barcodes, RFID tags and more.

Automate the field work

Configure notifications and receive automatic reports based on your workflows, individual steps, or specific conditions of your data.

How it works

Digitize your fieldwork and location data capturing efforts, monitor field-crew performance and receive notifications and reports in real-time.


Quickly create forms from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor, or import your schema and let AmigoCloud create it for you. Keep it simple, or use more advanced fields such as conditionals, visibility rules, filters, and more.

Capturing Data

Head out into the field and start capturing your data using our mobile apps. No internet connection? No problem -- the offline mode keeps you going while storing your data safely until you’re back in range.

Monitoring Field Progress

Access the dashboard and review the work sites, assets, and observation points that your team is capturing. Set up notifications and reports to get real-time updates in your inbox automatically.

Sharing the Results

Review your information and share your results using interactive maps and insightful charts.

Want to try it out with your data?